Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General FAQ's

What is MuzeLamp?+
Does it cost anything to view MuzeLamp? +
Is MuzeLamp secure? +
Why should I Join MuzeLamp?+
I don’t want to upload a video, should I create an account on MuzeLamp?+
How can I view how many credits do I have in my wallet?+
I have credits in my wallet, how can I redeem them?+
I have watched video multiple times but my credits are not increasing.+
Can I change my Email Id and Mobile number after creating the account?+
Can I save videos for watching again in future?+
I want to delete my account?+

Uploaders FAQ's

How can I upload a song?+
How to make payment for the video?+
Is it secure to make payment on MuzeLamp?+
What documents do I need to upload a video?+
How much time a video will take to get uploaded?+
In which language can I upload my song?+
Points to keep in mind while uploading the song.+
Why my video is disapproved?+
My video is disapproved, what should I do now?+
How can I get more views on the video?+
What is Expert Rating & User Rating on My Videos?+
I have watched video multiple times but views are not increasing.+
How will I receive the credits?+
I have 10,000 views on my Videos, how can I view my credits?+
I am an uploader; can I withdraw the amount in my wallet?+
When is the chat option available?+
How can I add friends?+
Why my account is disabled?+
Can I upload multiple videos?+
I am facing issue while uploading the video?+

Expert FAQ's

Who is eligible for empanelment as an expert?+
What documents do I need to submit to become an Expert?+
Do I need to pay any charges to become an expert?+
Why should I get empanelled as a Vetter with MuzeLamp?+
How will I get a video for vetting?+
How should I Vet the video?+
How much time will I get to vet a video?+
When will I receive the credits for vetting?+
How many videos will I get for vetting?+
How to redeem credits in my account?+
My Paytm is linked to another phone number?+
Who are active Vetters?+
I am unable to access my account?+
My account is suspended, what should I do now?+